While millions of people are preparing for the wrath of Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines, many from the Filipino community in Regina are growing concerned for family back home.

“This is said to be the most powerful to come this year which is comparable to typhoon Haiyan a few years ago,” said Jacob Jala, who moved to Canada four years ago from the Philippines. “So, it's kind of bringing us an alarming mood knowing that our family members back home are going to experience that again."

While the storm falls in the middle of typhoon season, Manghut is expected to be as strong as a class-five hurricane, which can bring wind gusts of over 300 kilometres per hour. Lynna Mae Ast immigrated to Canada a decade ago, and co-owns Kuya Wayne’s grocery store in north Regina. She says communication with her family back home has been sparse.

“Last time I hear from them is last night and they said they were at home and preparing, and they can leave the house because it's really raining out in the Philippines,” she said. “The next update would maybe be Sunday, but we'll see what happens."

Jala told CTV while he isn’t aware of any fundraisers to support those back home, he believes many will be sending money to the Philippines to help family back, while praying for their safety until the storm passes.