REGINA -- Organizers with the Unifor 1-S Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Committee will put on a team-building event and erect a teepee Thursday at Wascana Park.

Don Wren, the executive director with the committee, said he received a permit from the Provincial Capital Commission to have up to five teepees set up.

While the event is separate from the Walking with our Angels ceremony site, Wren said committee members are in support of the group.

“We stand in solidarity with the camp,” Wren said.

He said he’s been planning this event for a while, adding that it happened to co-incide with Walking with our Angels.

Thursday also happens to be World Suicide Prevention Day.

“We’re going out to set the teepee up, and elders are coming to do teachings. Some people are stopping by. That’s what my plan is right now,” Wren said. “They (Walking with our Angels) are bringing a message and we are bringing one, too, and they happen to co-incide.”

Tristen Durocher, the lead organizer with Walking with our Angels, has spent the past few weeks in Wascana to raise awareness of suicide in the province.

He has called on the government to provide better mental health supports to prevent suicides from happening in communities.

Durocher is expected to leave the park on Sept. 13. He has been fined for having the site on the grounds and the province has taken him to court to remove the site.