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University of Regina launches strategic plan for Indigenous engagement

The University of Regina (U of R) held an event on Tuesday in recognition of their commitment to reconciliation, by outlining steps for an Indigenous engagement strategic plan.

Lori Campbell, the current associate vice president of Indigenous Engagement at the University of Regina, was very involved in this project.

She said with the project, there is ample opportunity for people to participate and gain feedback.

“Not just feedback from Indigenous students, staff and faculty and community members but also other residents of Saskatchewan who have grown up here but also like newcomers, students, and what was their experience and what did they need and want to understand in relation to Indigenous people?” she said.

The multi-year plan consists of 34 actions, which each fall into one of the four themes of student success, spaces and places, teaching and learning, and community building, all intended to help the university be a leader in Indigenous engagement.

“For many generations, the truth is kind of not what the truth is when it comes to truth and reconciliation, and education is going to get us out of this moment," said Cadmus Delorme, chair of the board of governors at the U of R

This plan was developed with an Indigenous advisory circle, and a full summary of the plan is available on the U of R's Office of Indigenous Engagement website. Top Stories

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