Police say the unsolved murder of a family in Regina five years ago is now a cold case.

Gray Nay Htoo, 31, Maw Maw, 28, and three-year-old Seven June Htoo were found dead in their home at a housing complex in the city’s Uplands neighbourhood on Aug. 6, 2010.

The victims had lived in Regina for two years after moving from a refugee camp in Thailand.

A team of 10 Regina police investigators worked full-time on the case, along with the RCMP, FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Investigators have conducted more than 200 interviews since August 2010. There is a $50,000 reward for information on the murders.

Police say the case is still a priority, and it has been assigned to a cold case co-ordinator, who will continue the investigation and follow up on any new information.