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Unwelcome home: Regina condo residents return to building to discover items missing


After months of being displaced due to a fire, residents of a Regina condo building say they returned only to find some of their belongings stolen.

A fire in January forced residents out of their home at 31 Centennial Avenue. When they came back months later, they noticed some of their things were gone.

“We just started noticing missing stuff like my TV, my vacuum. And then as days went on of me living there, I started to notice really random things went missing,” said Geanna Singh, a tenant of the building.

Singh went on to explain that her apartment was broken into while the building was unoccupied.

“It was like they were picking and choosing, they clearly had gone through drawers and picked specific things out of the drawers,” Singh said.

Following the fire in January, occupants were allotted 30 minutes each to gather essential belongings and were instructed to leave the rest in their units, according to Singh.

The Regina Police Service (RPS) has been made aware of the incident.

“We do have a break and enter reported in that area. It is currently under investigation,” Les Parker with RPS said.

Parker went on to say that anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact RPS or Crime Stoppers.

For Singh, the whole ordeal has been frustrating.

“It was really upsetting because we had no control over the locks being changed or who locked them at night. My personal unit lock was broken, like the fire department I think had to break it initially when the fire happened to check every unit, but nothing was replaced,” she said.

Charan Property Management declined to comment on the matter. Top Stories

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