Regina City Council held a special meeting regarding the proposed zoning bylaw Monday night.

The bylaw has raised concern from fitness centres in the Warehouse District and industrial area, as the changes could limit their future growth.

Jordan Mackay, the owner of the Regina Climbing Centre, says the location of his business in Regina's northeast industrial area is ideal because it offers enough space.

"It's kind of a no-brainer that we go up, we climb all day everyday and the higher the better," Mackay told CTV News. "We're trying to emulate climbs in the Rocky Mountains so literally thousands of miles of mountains have to be set in our gym in different ways."

Mackay is one of over a dozen delegations calling for recreation facilities to remain as a permitted use in industrial zones, rather than grandfathering them out or only allowing new developments on a case-by-case basis.

Mayor Michael Fougere says the message the delegations brought forward is loud and clear.

Fougere adds he sees no problem with allowing these businesses to remain in industrial zones.

"This is part of a vibrant community," Fougere said following Monday's meeting. "I think that the conversations, the delegations questions and their comments were very persuasive, that I'm not sure what the issue is we're trying to solve here."

Other delegations included those speaking on the sign bylaw and how it could impact the portable sign and avertising businesses in Regina along with a number of residents concerned with changes to residential zones.

A total of over 150 written submissions were filed for the special meeting, and the gallery was full.

After hearing from all delegations, council voted to shift debate on any possible amendments to the zoning bylaw proposal to a second special council meeting to be held Tuesday afternoon.

CTV Regina’s Cole Davenport was at the meeting.