The co-founder of a group that helps homeless veterans says he knows his decision to refuse money from organizers of a weekend rally in Saskatchewan was the right one after viewing online video of the event.

Jim Lowther of VETS Canada says he accepted a request from the event, called Canada's Patriot Party, to promote that it would be raising money for the veterans' group.

But days before the rally, convoy and concert in Estevan on Saturday, Lowther says he became concerned about connections that some of the organizers had with political groups -- some of which he says advocate hate.

Lowther says he informed the organizer that they were cancelling their affiliation, and the organizer responded by sharing Lowther's phone number on social media, asking people to contact him directly.

He says they've been inundated with angry phone calls, but he says video of the event only reassures him he made the right move.

The platform where speakers addressed the rally was covered with signs opposing globalism, Justin Trudeau and the carbon tax, and one speaker lamented that Canada has lost its morals and is no longer a Judeo-Christian country.