He's a father to young children, a fourth generation farmer and a volunteer hockey coach.

Nathan Schmidt's loyalty to his family and community doesn't end there.

Schmidt is CTV News Regina's Hometown Hero and is recognized because of his hard work and constant volunteerism in his community.

"I always, I guess, make time to do the things that need to be done," he said. "Regardless of how much time I really do have."

Schmidt has been volunteering as president of the Vibank Co-operative Community Centre (VCCC) for two years, but his duties go beyond chairing meetings and overseeing staff.

Since taking on the role, Schmidt has secured between 25 to 30 advertising deals, has been in charge of two company websites and controls online bookings.

He puts on several year round events, such as Riders tailgate parties, and fundraisers to support the rink and engage the community.

"Sometimes we have hockey tournaments, hockey camps," he said. "We have cabarets, we have other fundraisers, we've had garage sales."

The 45-year-old facility has been in use since 1975 and also includes a curling rink. Schmidt took the lead in recent renovations to update the building.

A large renovation project was painting beams above the hockey rink which took about 33 hours to complete.

"I have a sprayer and some scaffolding so I painted all the beams by myself," Schmidt said.

Further updates are required to continue modernizing the space - such as roof repairs and updating the lobby and main entrance.

Schmidt said he's a busybody and enjoys challenging himself. His need for adventure is clear and has taken him to 22 countries, exploring new cultures and ways of life.

"Lots of my travels involve places where there's lots of history and different cultures," he said.

Schmidt said he's applied what he's learned globally to his role back home at the rink, and his family agrees.

Shala Kanasevich is Schmidt's first cousin and also sits on the VCCC board of directors. She's experienced his commitment first hand and says Schmidt is hardworking and humble.

"The amount of hours that I myself or other people on the board put in, his is uncomparable," she said.

Schmidt says seeing progress at the community centre is what inspires him to keeping working harder.

"I'm just one of the many people in even this community that volunteers and puts their time in to make the community better," he said. "I'm just a small part of what happens in this community."