A Vibank woman has started a rock-painting group, which has quickly taken over the community.

“I was part of another rock group in Winnipeg, and I thought, ‘Oh, there (are) no rock groups here in Vibank,” said Katharine McCullough, who started Vibank’s rock-painting group. “I thought, ‘I’m looking for something to do, and it’s fun and it’s a community builder.”

McCullough and her friends began painting small rocks earlier this summer, and hiding them around the community for others to find. She started a Facebook group, where people can post photos of their rocks and the ones they find.

“It’s been great for the kids and great for the animals. You’ve got something to do. You can go for a walk with your kids and look for rocks. The kids find them and they are all excited,” McCullough said.

If you locate a rock, you can either keep it or re-hide it somewhere else.

“Seeing them, running up and down the streets, stopping at the post office, stopping at the daycare, squealing and looking for rocks. That's the fun part,” said Brenda Taylor, who is part of the rock-painting group.

Taylor said the concept has also become the talk of other towns.

“I know other communities around us have sort of caught on and gone, 'Hey, I want to start one in Mclean,’ or ‘I want to start one in Odessa.' It's kind of exciting,” Taylor said.