The first week of the second-degree murder trial of Tia Pinacie-Littlechief wrapped up at Court of Queen’s Bench on Friday afternoon.

Pinacie-Littlechief is charged in the stabbing death of 27-year-old Justin Crowe in October 2015.

On Friday, the jury heard from Destiny Favel. Favel had been friends with Crowe since elementary school and was with him hours before he was found dead outside a home on Piapot First Nation.

Favel told court she had hoped to have a quiet night with her boyfriend, Henry Thorn. Thorn lived in the basement of Crowe’s parent’s house in Regina. Favel told court Crowe came down the basement and convinced Favel to go to a party in east Regina – at Tia Pinacie-Littlechief’s apartment.

Around 2:30 a.m., Favel said Crowe wanted a ride to a home his parents owned on Piapot First Nation. Favel and Thorn ended up going to the home with a group of other people. They arrived around 4 a.m. and continued to party.

Favel testified she didn’t want to be at the party. She and Crowe went into the backyard of the house, where she told him she didn’t want to be there and that she was upset. Crowe went back into the house and Favel decided to leave.

Favel said her boyfriend tried to stop her, but she decided to drive back to Regina anyways. She testified she didn’t hear about Crowe’s death until the next day.

Under cross-examination, court heard Thorn could become violent when he was drinking. Defence also asked Favel if Crowe had harmed her during their argument. She said he wasn’t violent with her.

Thorn is scheduled to testify next week.

With files from CTV Regina's Gina Martin