Day two of jury deliberations at the murder trial of three men accused of killing of Shawn Douglas is underway.

Joshua Wilson, Johnathon Peepeetch, and Dennis Thompson are each charged with first degree murder in the case.

Douglas' body was found in a wooded area outside the city in August of 2014.

With the jury now sequestered, a publication ban on video evidence presented at the trial has now lifted.

A video showing nine people and two vehicles on a residential street on the night of Douglas’ murder has now been released by the court. In the video you can see one of the accused, Joshua Wilson, struggling to close the trunk of the car.

Witness testimony during the trial indicates Douglas is inside that trunk, trying to get out.

The jury has now been sequestered for 21 hours, and has asked the judge four questions, including twice asking for the term "active participant" in a crime to be better defined.

CTV’s Dale Hunter is at court for the proceedings.