REGINA -- Andrew Hibbin heard a thud Saturday night, later noticing through his window that a white object was moving.

Hibbin, realizing his front yard lights were no longer on, ran outside and yelled at a woman who had just ripped them from his flower bed.

He told her to drop the lights. She did, but began to run, he said.

“I went out to retrieve them, but went back in to grab my shoes so I could attempt to locate her,” Hibbin said.

He said he found her walking on a nearby road, but she was no longer wearing a white sweater.

Hibbin told her he had her caught on video, but she decided to run again.

“She dropped her smokes, so she stopped and attempted to apologize and said she would pay me back and that she had been drinking,” he said.

He said a cab driver had stopped on the road, asking if everything was OK. Hibbin explained the situation, but the woman ran into a nearby backyard.

He didn’t follow her because it could have been her home, and he didn’t want to be confronted by others, he said.

“I'm a quiet person, so I don't walk by myself at night, but that didn't seem to matter. I just wanted to find this woman,” he said. “I was blown away by how calm she was while taking my lights. Not a care in the world.”

In video footage, the woman is seen yanking the lights from Hibbin’s flower bed. The incident took place in the city’s southeast.

The entire fixture broke.

“When she pulled them off the wire, they snapped clean off in three different locations,” he said. “She just kept pulling at everything.”

Hibbin called the police. He said an officer came by Sunday to ask some questions, but he doubts the woman will be caught.

He said he understands people might think the theft is insignificant, but the lights were expensive.

“This all seems pretty petty, because they are lights, but my partner and I have spent a lot of money to make things nice, and it's as if you can't have anything without someone else ruining it,” he said.

Hibbin said he’s glad he had a camera installed. It allowed him to catch her, he said.

“If I didn't have that camera, I would have ignored the noise and found out a day later I was missing my lights,” he said.