Dozens of volunteers gathered in the Heritage neighbourhood on Saturday for a community cleanup.

Jennifer Della Valle, a longtime resident of the neighbourhood, volunteered for the cleanup as an opportunity to give her community a makeover.

“I drive around or walk around this area and you always see, I’m sure it’s the same with lots of other areas too, but you always see couches and mattresses that people don’t know how to dispose,” said Della Valle. “I do a lot of walking or cycling, so it’s good to have the garbage and things that are just lying around and molding cleaned up.”

The Heritage Community Association organized the cleanup with support from over twenty different organizations.

“This area doesn’t always have the best reputation and sometimes gets put into stereotypes. So I think it’s important for our residents here to be proud of where they live. This is a beautiful area. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in all of Regina and a lot of people don’t know that. So we just want to help the residents just love where they are living,” said Cristina Crowe from the Heritage Community Association.

Based on a report by Madina Azizi