REGINA -- For seniors or people dealing with disabilities, getting your sidewalk shoveled after a snowfall can be a challenge.

That's where two new programs in Regina are looking to step in.

The Eden Care Communities Foundation has launched the "Adopt a Sidewalk" program to help paratransit users throughout the winter.

"If you need to get a day appointment or a medical appointment for a blood transfusion or dialysis, if your sidewalk is covered and you can't get out, then you're going to miss that appointment and you can't just get out and do it yourself,” Bill Platt with the Eden Care Communities Foundation said.

The program launched this week and Platt encourages community members or organizations to help out.

"This is just a great program for anybody who wants to open their hearts and lift a shovel and reinforce that Regina is an amazing city,” Platt said.

A similar program is going on in the Cathedral neighbourhood, organized by the Community Association.

"Snow Angels" will be sent out to help seniors, as well as people dealing with injuries or illnesses, to keep their sidewalks clear.

"So far right now, the goal is to pair them up specifically, so if somebody says I just can't do my walk, we'll get somebody who lives close to you, who will come out whenever there's been a snow event and they'll clear that off for you," said Paul Dechene with the Cathedral Area Community Association.

Tyler Folk has volunteered to be a Snow Angel this winter. He says he wanted to lend a hand to those in need.

"There's lots of elderly people in the neighbourhood, the guy that I have is a 90-year-old guy living on his own, so when it snows, like [Tuesday], I just went there and shoveled his walk,” Folk said.

The Community Association says they've had a good response from people wanting to become Snow Angels and are looking for more people that need a helping hand with shoveling snow.

You can nominate someone that needs help by heading to their website.