REGINA -- The provincial opposition is concerned long lines at Saskatchewan’s new drive-through COVID-19 testing sites could discourage some people from waiting.

On Tuesday, traffic was lined up for blocks at the new site in Regina. The NDP is calling for action to ensure no one gives up in frustration.

“I can’t imagine waiting. You know some people would be nervous about going for their first test. I know it is a bit of an experience,” Carla Beck, an NDP MLA, said.

The testing centre operates three days a week. Signs leading up to the site advise of wait times and hours. Tuesday’s hours were limited from 4 to 8 p.m.

“Let’s be flexible when we see there is demand and people are still lined up around the block. You know maybe it’s not the time to be rigid,” Beck said.

On Tuesday, the Saskatchewan Health Authority warned there could be limits on testing.

“At a certain point in the evening when we have a better sense of the timing, we’ll be changing the sign to say the testing site is now closed, the drive through testing is now closed and there‘ll be opportunity for cars to exit at that point,” Sara Johnson, the Primary Health Care Director with the SHA, said.

There were 260 tests performed at the site on Tuesday. The SHA said it will continue to assess the situation in the coming weeks.