REGINA -- So far, 2021 has been a bit of a rollercoaster temperature-wise. The year started with a mild January followed by a frigid February across the province, and in true thrill-ride fashion, March is leaving those cold temperatures behind as warm air floods into the province.

This could mean the first double-digit temperatures of the year for Regina on Saturday.

The weather driver here is a ridge of high-pressure in the upper atmospheres that is pulling air from the South, bringing in warmer Pacific air. It is truly the dominating pattern over the province, providing this stretch of above seasonal temperatures that is melting everything.

For a bit of an added treat, we are expecting fairly clear skies and light winds as well. There could be a few clouds in the sky Friday through Sunday, but a mostly sunny pattern is expected.

The only concern weather-wise over the next few days stems from those messy, slushy and sloppy conditions as the warm temperatures are melting the snowpack.

First off, it’s good to watch road conditions since the water is thawing and refreezing. But, this melting snowpack is also leading to foggy overnight conditions and reduced visibility.

Why? Well, the reason behind this is that this melted snow increased the moisture at the surface and when you pair this with light winds and clear skies you end up with the perfect conditions to create fog. With that in mind, many areas of the province may see reduced visibility to only a few hundred metres or less, while Regina expects visibilities to hover around a kilometre heading into your Friday morning. So, make sure you are taking precautions and driving safely if you do encounter foggy conditions.

Most fog will clear through the day though, so with that in mind, the first weekend of March looks to be a great weekend to get outside and breathe some of the fresh air after the long cold spell that was February.