REGINA -- The board of directors for the Waskimo Winter Festival has decided to cancel the event for 2020, after the Provincial Capital Commission expressed concerns with the environment.

The PCC stated on-ice activities would need to move, resulting in the cancellation of public skating, speed skating competitions and outhouse races, which organizers say make the event's vision incomplete.

The festival is hoping to put together a plan with the city and the PCC.

"Rather than come up with a very limited option, we just decided it would be better to put it off. Get back to the drawing board. And see what's possible moving forward," Waskimo Winter Festival Board of Directors Chair Jeremy Parnes.

Usually at the Festival, the Regina Ski Club has a portion of it to showcase their sport, but because the festival is being put on hold.

The Regina Ski Club plan for 2020 was to create a trail that would take skiers from their spot by the Saskatchewan Science Centre, across the lake to the other activities, but that is no longer possible. The ski club is now having a Cross Country Ski weekend on January 25 and 26 at Wascana Centre.

"It does the same thing, probably doesn't have quite as much profile as Waskimo does. But its good opportunity," Regina Ski Club President Dale Hjertaas said.

As well, the Special Olympics polar plunge is still a-go for family day, as that event is independent of the festival.

"This is not the end of Waskimo. This is simply an opportunity to step back, get together and come back again," Parnes said.

Although festival organizers are disappointed that they had to cancel the events for this year, they're hoping to bring back the festival in 2021.