Pioneer Village is currently dealing with damage and repairs after a water line break on Tuesday.

The break occurred around 11:45 a.m. The Saskatchewan Health Authority says the break was likely caused by extreme cold due to a doorway nearby. The door malfunctioned and was left open for part of the day.

According to the health authority, there was a sprinkler on the water line. There was no danger of fire to the residents, but Pioneer Village had to call a fire code and shut down water in the entire building. The fire department gave the all clear and the sprinkler system should be repaired by Tuesday evening.

Water was turned back on by 1 p.m. but residents still can’t drink the water due to an unrelated boiler leak.

Water from the broken line impacted the southwest entrance, beauty salon, part of the cafeteria and nearby hallways, and areas in the basement. Two companies are currently assessing the damage. Residents, visitors and staff are being redirected from the area.