A family near Lebret is left to rebuild their lives, after a weekend house fire destroyed their home and claimed the lives of their three dogs.

It was any family’s worst nightmare on Sunday night when the Krause family returned from a trip to Regina to find their house in flames.

“I parked up, my litte girl jumped out of the car and my little girl said ‘there’s a fire! There’s a fire!’” said Steve Krause. “I ran up there and there was just black smoke pouring out.”

“The house burnt down I guess, and we lost everything, and we didn’t have any clothes. We didn’t have anything.”

The family’s home, located across the lake from Lebret, is now a charred husk, still in encased in ice from attempts to save it.

No one in the family was home at the time of the fire, but their three dogs were, and they couldn’t be saved.

Just as the family thought all was lost, the community reached out with support.

Jamie Snider, a friend of the family, launched a GoFundMe page only minutes after hearing what happened.

“Everybody knows somebody else, and it’s amazing what a small community like that can do,” Snider said.

The Krause family isn’t originally from the Lebret area, and didn’t realize their impact had been so great.

“There are so many things that you don’t think about that people rally around to provide for us,” Nicole Krause said. “Basically everyone I know has reached out. It really humbles me that I have such wonderful friends. I just hope that we can start our life again in the end.”

“More people know them then what they think,” Snider said. “Nicole being in the pharmacy, they may not have known her last name, but as soon as you say ‘Nicole in the pharmacy’, they say ‘my goodness I know who she is’”.

Since the fundraiser was launched, it’s raised more than $12,000 – more than double the original goal.

Based on a report by CTV Yorkton’s Nathaniel Dove