REGINA -- Kurt Fuchs volunteer activities are numerous, lending a hand to many well known groups over several years. He’s receiving the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers for his years of service.

Fuchs is recognized as CTV News Regina’s Hometown Hero because of his years of service, filling the role of first responder in his communities.

Saskatchewan has long held the distinction of being the Canadian Province with the highest rate of volunteerism amongst its citizens. Fuchs is a shining example of the trend.

He lives on the family farm near Fleming, while also working with seniors at a nearby care home. But it’s what Fuchs does in his spare time that earned him the medal. His work extends beyond the limits of his small town.

He was a member of the Balgonie Volunteer Fire Department and when he moved back to the farm, he joined the Whitewood Volunteer Fire Department.

“We have to look after each other,” said Fuchs. “And help each other out when we need help. You grow up with a lot of these people, and you find out what the needs are.”

Fuchs identified that Fleming did not have a group of First Responders. So, he found 10 people willing to volunteer and arranged training through the Health Region. First Responders are called to medical and trauma emergencies in advance of responding ambulance crews.

“People really think it’s a great service to have, because there was nothing really,” said Fuchs. “People are just happy to have volunteers who are willing to respond when the need arises.”

Kurt’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His former co-worker Carolyn Buckles says he’s a rare find.

“I think when you find people like Kurt, that will volunteer and do everything in their power to help humanity, then I think they need to be recognized,” says Carolyn.

Then there is his work with the Canadian Red Cross in Disaster Management. Kurt is one of many volunteers who set up and manage shelters when people are evacuated due to floods or fires.

“I feel really happy that I can be there to help,” said Fuchs. “And have the right training to do the job and help them out.”