REGINA -- Regina will not be a hub city for a potential 2020 CFL season.

In a release Tuesday afternoon, the CFL announced Winnipeg as its tentative choice for a league bubble.

“All three proposals – from Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Calgary – were excellent and all three would make superb hosts,” Randy Ambrosie, the Commissioner of the CFL, said in a statement.

“We look forward to returning to Saskatchewan for Grey Cup in 2022 and we remain immensely proud of the tremendous Grey Cup that Calgary hosted just a year ago.”

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said he is disappointed by the CFL’s decision to pick Winnipeg.

“We wanted to host this here in Regina, not just because we love our football team and we love the CFL, we most certainly felt that there was an economic impact that the City of Regina would use,” Moe said. “So we’re disappointed that it’s been awarded to Winnipeg.”

However, the Premier added that he is supportive of the decision and hopes it helps reinvigorate the league.

“We want a strong CFL for our Roughriders to play in, not just for this year but for the next 110 years," Moe said.

"If we have to go to Winnipeg to get our Grey Cup, we'll do that."

The CFL said the decision was made by a committee of team presidents from the clubs that did not put forth a bid.

Winnipeg was chosen over bids from Calgary and Regina.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced their hub city bid on Monday. The Government of Saskatchewan said it would commit $3 million to the project.

Moe noted while this decision is a big step in the right direction for a return to the gridiron in 2020, the biggest obstacle for the league is still securing funding from the Federal Government.

“The Federal Government needs to make a decision on the request that’s in front of them,” said Moe. “If the CFL is to have an amended season this year, they would need the support of the Federal Government. I know those conversations are occurring, and I would hope, and would be supportive of the federal government moving and making a positive decision there.”