Some Regina parents are raising concerns over shortened school zones in the city.

The smaller zones were implemented along with a change in signage to compliment the city’s new 30 km/h school zone speed limit.

Bryan Rudd is concerned for students attending Dr. Hanna School, one school with a shorter zone length.

“35 years ago when I crossed there it was a bad intersection,” Rudd told CTV News. “Two people got hit there. How with increased traffic is it safer?”

Rudd says he’s had to remind his kids to be extra careful.

“Pay attention, make sure the cars see you,” Rudd said. “Make sure you’re going on the proper cross walk and everything, it’s easier for the drivers to pay attention than it is for a four or five year old.”

Faisal Kalim, the manager of traffic engineering with the City of Regina, told reporters last week the city shortened the length of some school zones because it found excessively long zones saw less drivers slow down.

 “There’s a dramatic speed differential there and that is actually more dangerous for pedestrians,” Kalim said. “Especially a lower aged person that doesn’t have good depth perception or special control.”

But Rudd says he’s not sold.

“We’re letting adults off the hook for not being compliant in a school zone to injure our kids, I don’t understand how that one works,” Rudd said.