REGINA -- An online petition is calling on the City of Regina to improve pedestrian safety at a crosswalk on south Albert St. after a 21-year-old woman was struck and killed earlier this week.

The Regina Police Service said the woman was attempting to cross the street when a city excavator hit her. Police said she died on the scene.

Ashley Gottselig, who worked with the woman who died, launched a petition in honour of her friend and co-worker on Thursday morning, asking to have pedestrian lights installed at the crosswalk.

“I started the petition on behalf of myself, all my coworkers and everybody who has to cross this busy intersection every day,” Gottselig said. “We risk our lives every single day.”

Currently, there are only signs to indicate the pedestrian crossing.

“The majority of people don’t see [the signs], especially during rush hour,” Gottselig said.

Gottselig said her coworkers have approached the city in the past to ask for clearer signage and lights at the crosswalk, but said nothing has been done. She’s hopeful a petition will change that.

“One voice alone isn’t enough,” she added. “We need as many voices as we can to actually make a change here so we don’t have to lose anyone else.”

CTV News has reached out to the City of Regina for comment on the petition and possible changes to the crosswalk. This article will be updated when a response is received.