REGINA -- Some people across the province were happy to see a drought-reducing rain make its way through the province this past week, especially farmers out there. But the rain, combined with storm conditions, also brought a great deal of damage, from wind-blown trees to flooded streets.

Now, as we head into the weekend and through next week, you aren’t going to have to worry about car-swallowing puddles or a maze of water. Instead, a pattern change is on the way – and that means one thing and one thing only –the sun is back!

So, what’s happening? Well, the upper atmosphere trough is leaving the province along with the low from Montana at the surface. And we are once again watching an upper atmosphere ridge build in. This will bring warmer air from the south, increasing temperatures, but most notably it will help clear everything out. High pressure is our sunny day weather maker.

At the surface, one little weak disturbance could bring the risk of isolated thunderstorm along an area through northern Saskatchewan that includes La Ronge and as far southeast as Yorkton. But generally, these look to be scattered and likely just pop-up thunderstorms.

Everywhere else will just get to deal with sunshine and high UV, and you know what that means – get the sunscreen out again!

With this ridge, we are also seeing increasing temperatures (back towards sweltering). By the middle of next week expect temperatures in southern Saskatchewan to be back up in the 30s, bringing more summer-like and calm conditions.

The wind is also calming for most of the days ahead, though there will be a bit of a breeze which is always welcomed when temperatures get hot.

All of this means that the weekend is looking great for drying up city streets and decreasing flooded areas, as well as great for camping and getting outside once again after a cloudy and stormy week that kept most people inside.