A highly anticipated movie sequel is set to be released in Regina, as the beast is back in the Queen City.

“Another WolfCop” premiers in select theatres around the world tomorrow, Friday, December 1, including in Regina's Galaxy Cinema on 420 McCarthy Blvd N.

"It's a very modest little film about a man who's looking for himself, who happens to be a werewolf and sometimes to find himself he has to go on the hockey rink and rip people apart," said Lowell Dean, director and writer, during an interview on Thursday.

It's a sequel to the 2014 Saskatchewan-based comedy-action-horror film, “WolfCop.” “Another WolfCop” continues the story of a small-town, alcoholic cop who gets turned into a werewolf.

“It’s Strange Brew, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon and Saskatchewan living. Smash all those together and that’s another wolf cop,” said Dean.

Several Canadian actors are in the film, including Leo Fafard as the WolfCop, as well as Yannick Bisson, Jonathan Cherry and some celebrity cameos,

"We wanted him to maintain an aspect of humanity, so that you could relate to the character, you could see his expressions, and not just be a scary beast,” said Emersen Ziffle, Makeup FX Artist, during an interview on Thursday.

Based in a fictional town in Saskatchewan, Dean wanted to make sure it kept the same feeling as the first film. “Another WolfCop” was filmed over 17 days, with 11 being in Saskatchewan. It was shot primarily in Lumsden and Regina, finishing up in early 2016, on a budget of $2 million.

“It’s always good to get to do a crazy creature film in your home town, in your home province, with people you love working with and that you grew up with,” said Ziffle.

“I hope people are surprised that a film of this quality, and this craziness, got produced in Saskatchewan,” said Dean.

Dean believes the movie also helps show the world what film makers can accomplish in Saskatchewan.