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Wes Cates gives Riders a Grade of F following 4th straight loss

While certain players provided bright spots for the Riders’ darkening season record – the green and white could not snap its losing streak in its matchup against the Lions.

With its season record falling to 6-9, Wes Cates says the time is now to regroup in the wake of a massive loss to Rider Nation.

Welcome to another edition of X's and O's and unfortunately the Riders did not snap their losing streak but we still have to break it down. So of course I'm still gonna welcome in Wes Cates. Welcome in Wes.

“Hey, Brit. How's it going? Yeah, I feel like it should be like some quiet violin music playing in the background. It feels like the same sad song right now. But yeah, we're still in the playoffs though.”

Yeah, exactly. That's I think the only thing Rider fans are holding onto right now. But what I'm going to talk about is the fact that the defense was holding the Riders in that game a little bit in the first two quarters by keeping the Lions to just field goals. Eventually the Lions got past them right before the half in the dying seconds. They got that touchdown. Do you feel like that kind of was a momentum shifter?

“I think so. I feel like the defense has been asked to do a lot all year. I guess that's kind of been the way of this team for the last few years actually. Just like the week prior, a big letdown right before half. When you're in a game and doing well that kind of seems to just get the ball rolling in the wrong direction and have you on the wrong side of a big score at the end of it. I mean, kudos to the team, I guess for not giving up but they're just putting too much on the defense by getting off to slow starts. And then yeah, just really – too little, too late just isn't really cutting it for Rider fans.”

Well, you mentioned it was kind of like Deja vu to last week in a number of ways because again, they made a late push in the fourth quarter. Recovered onside kick, they had back to back touchdowns, could have recovered the second onside kick. What are your thoughts about the fact that they've had back to back weeks of attempts of these late comebacks?

“It feels to me like they're not giving up on each other but they're not respecting the game enough to really come out with that intensity and that fire just from opening kick off and just carry it throughout the game. I mean, I do like some of the bright spots I'm seeing – like there was a great onside by Lauther. Christian Albright has shown that he deserves to stay on the roster. CJ Reavis is playing some great football when he's in a position to make plays. I think there's definitely bright spots. You look at Keenan Schaffer Baker's back to the shake and bake that he is known for and even, you know, there's some others. The receiving corps as a whole has been doing a great job of kind of taking advantage of their opportunities, but still just not enough to get the job done and get the W's that you need to be a competent team.”

Well, they were better on the penalty front that game. But they still did have two turnovers and ultimately obviously lost marking their fourth loss in a row. So what are you grading the team this week, Wes?

“I mean, like I said, I did see some bright spots from individuals but they're just not playing the type of football that they need to be playing right now. So I feel like just mentally and emotionally just the way they need to come out and approach the game. They're just failing in that department. So I'm gonna give them an F because the product hasn't been that very good. I think they know better, they've got the talent and for whatever reason, they're just not putting it together and coming out and doing the work to be on the right side of the scoreboard.”

We've been waiting for a passing grade for a while or a nice passing grade, I guess. Maybe next week. Before we go Wes Rider Nation, the CFL mourning the loss of one of the greatest to ever take to the field. Just your thoughts – what can you say about the legendary George Reed?

“Yeah, George Reed is really one of the greatest human beings probably ever to grace this earth, this planet. He came to Saskatchewan at a time when it wasn't easy for a man like him and made the most of it and looked after his family gave back to his community in the biggest way. I remember when I came to Saskatchewan, every appearance I was at George was there and just a pillar in the community always had time for everybody. And he's a pretty quiet laid back guy at times but he always made time for everybody that wanted to be engaged with him so you know, rest in peace. My heart goes out to his family and friends but I’m glad to see that the football legend is at peace and you know looking down on us and hopefully he can shed a little bit of light on this Rider team maybe give us a little George Reed love from the heavens above.”

I'm thinking they will be playing for him for sure this week. Thanks for this one Wes.

“Thank you.” Top Stories

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