One of the last remaining buffets at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Canada is safe from the chopping block -- for now.

KFC Canada says in a statement that its buffet in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, will remain open, although it can't guarantee for how long.

People in the province and beyond have rallied to save the buffet from possible closure.

Premier Brad Wall has even urged people on Twitter to voice their concern to the company.

Larie Semen, head manager of the Weyburn location, says top brass are to tour the restaurant tomorrow and he hopes customers will tell them how important the buffet is to them.

He says it was the first buffet to open at a KFC in Canada in 1988.

The only other remaining KFC buffet in the county is in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

The company didn't say whether the Humboldt buffet also faces a possible shutdown.