The marquee sign above Weyburn’s Soo Theatre has gone dim after the cinema officially closed its doors last week.

The Landmark Cinemas theatre has been a fixture in the community for 45 years.

“That’s a loss for us as a community, said Jeff Richards, a councillor for the city of Weyburn. “That’s a loss for the communities around Weyburn that also use Weyburn as a hub and a place to go on a Friday evening. So, that’s something we have to put some attention to for sure.”

The Soo was one of six single-screen theatres left in Canada. The decision to close it wasn’t easy, but the theatre had fallen victim to wear and tear.

Bill Walker, CEO of Landmark Cinemas, says most theatres are made on a concrete floor. The one in Weyburn is made of wood and is no longer structurally sound.

“The circumstances of this building (were) really just the way it was originally constructed and the way that over the years some maintenance was missed,” Walker told CTV News in a phone interview on Thursday. “Complete mechanical and HVAC systems need to be replaced. It was just, you really couldn’t make the numbers work despite wanting to.”

The Soo was the only movie theatre in the city. There are no current plans for anything to be built in its place. There is also no word on if a new cinema will be built anywhere else in the city.

With files from CTV Regina's Jessica Smith