REGINA -- They’re just east of the new Regina Bypass, north of Arcola Avenue. You can’t miss them. They’re massive! Our viewer Linda was #JustCurious what those enormous blue and green structures are and what they do? They’re cranes. Not just any cranes. Extremely valuable, high tech cranes. They’re rail mounted electric cranes. Owned and operated by a subsidiary of AGT Foods, their main function is to move shipping containers from trains, to truck chasis, or storage, and back.

CEO of AGT Foods Murad Al-Katib says they service the global steamship lines of the world like Maersk and China Shipping. He says the best part is that they contain all heavy truck traffic to the bypass, so they’re not congesting city streets.

There hasn’t been direct access to containers like this since 2003.

So, what’s inside?

Well, Al-Katib says right now they’re handling grain but could be used for smaller shipments of potash in the future and opens Saskatchewan products up to more buyers around the world.