REGINA -- You’ve probably driven by the art piece at the intersection of Lewvan Drive and Regina Avenue a hundred times just like our viewer, Pauline, who was #JustCurious about the story behind it.

It’s called “Gateway” and was erected in 2011 by Paul Raff studios. The idea was to act as a unique and memorable entry point to the City of Regina. There’s much more than meets the eye to this monument! First, its design is derived from the cultural history of the site, and is supposed to look like the skeletal spine of the Great Plains Bison that used to roam the area. Another interpretation is the Saskatchewan sky. It does the work of a massive sun dial. The seventeen columns reflect patterns on the ground, charting the sun’s path during the Summer solstice. So, no, it doesn’t move. Pretty cool, right?

They’re made of powder coated steel and mirror polished stainless steel. “Gateway” is designed to be viewed from afar, not close up.

“Regina Gateway is an evocative work reminding us of the experience of place and the meaning of history in our contemporary city," Paul Raff Studios told us.