Kimberly Nuttall has told a Regina court about the last time she saw her husband Shawn Douglas alive.

It was Wednesday, August 6, 2014 and the two were planning a weekend at their cottage. Nuttall said she was going up that day, with her husband a set to join her a few days later. Of course, he never did.

Douglas, 54, was found dead August 9, 2014. Dennis Thompson, Joshua Wilson, and Jonathan Peepeetch are all on trial for first-degree murder in his death.

Nuttall told the court she wasn’t initially worried about Douglas after he didn’t respond to her text message on Thursday. She said it wasn’t uncommon for him to take a long time to respond. That Friday she met with major crimes investigators.

Through tears, she said, “it wasn’t a good day. I was scared.”

During cross examination, Nuttall told the court it wasn’t common for Douglas to drink, but when he did, he would occasionally binge drink. She also told the court he smoked marijuana.

Earlier Monday, court watched surveillance videos from an ATM on Victoria Avenue that showed withdrawals from Douglas’ account. One video showed a middle-aged man taking out money just after midnight. Nuttall said she was certain the man was her husband.

The second video showed what looked like a woman and a man wearing a white bandana on his face.

The trial is scheduled to last six weeks.