Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) and the Memorial Cup Committee are asking the City of Regina to spend $1.3 million on renovations to the Brandt Centre.

"This investment, both customer face investment and behind the scene investment, support the city,” said REAL board chair Jeff MacPherson.

“Anybody who uses the facility down below or above will enjoy these post memorial cup."

The total price tag of renovations will cost $4.06 million, with REAL contributing $1.5 million and $1.23 million from the Memorial Cup Committee. The proposed upgrades include new arena boards and glass, improvements to lighting, sound, dressing rooms, VIP areas and media and fan seating.

"We're going to have the eyes of the country on our city for quite a lot of time and it's good news for us,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere.

“Plus, we get the legacy of lots of upgrades to the facility for not just the Pats but for other events."

REAL and the Memorial Cup Committee are hoping to have these renovations complete by the end of August because the Regina Pats are back in the arena in September. The Memorial Cup Committee said it hopes city council approves the funding before its next meeting on July 31 because it will be too tight of a deadline.

"The fans expect that, the team and hockey operations expect that and the CHL expects it so why not have a meeting,” said Memorial Cup Committee chair Shawn Semple.

“It's been done before, they've had special meetings for these types of approvals where there's a new and there's a need."