REGINA -- Saskatchewan has seen some above seasonable temperatures to start November, but those are not expected to last, with a blast of snow coming over the weekend.

“Fire up your shovels, fire up your snow blowers, fire up your snowmobiles,” CTV Regina Senior Weather Specialist, Warren Dean, said.

City of Regina crews are prepared for the possibility of up to 30 cm of snow to fall this Sunday and Monday, with 60 machines set to clear the streets.

“During a snow event we work to keep roads driveable by plowing snow and applying ice control at high risk intersections. This means our focus is on high speed roads, roads with the highest levels of traffic and emergency routes,” Chris Warren, the Director of Roadways and Transportation with the City of Regina, said.

It's been awhile since we've dealt with snowy roads and SGI wants to make sure everyone stays safe.

“Remember if you are heading out in the roads, to do so safely so that means slowing down for the road conditions, giving yourself extra time to get there so you don’t feel rushed, making sure that you adjust your following distance so you give yourself plenty of room to stop,” Tyler McMurchy, the Manager of Media Relations with SGI, said.

The city if Moose Jaw is preparing to implement it's revamped snow removal plan Sunday to make sure the roads are safe and clear for Election Day Monday.

“If it doesn’t happen that we get as much snow as is forecasted then we can ramp it back down but it’s important that we have all the resources available and everything is ready to go on Sunday. So its not nice to get a storm but it’s nice to be able to have a week to prepare,” explained Moose Jaw City Manager, Jim Puffalt.

SGI is reminding everyone to plan any road trips only if advisable by the highway hotline and if you do have to hit the roads, bring a winter safety kit in the car.