REGINA -- Carmichael Outreach has stopped accepting physical donations in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Regina area.

Rochelle Berenyi, the acting executive director of the organization, said on Monday the decision was made to help ensure safety.

"With cases growing so quickly, almost overnight, we just wanted to make sure we could do what was in the best interest for everyone," she said. "By choosing to no longer accept donations, that's one way we're able to at least dial back the interaction with the community in general."

On Monday, the Government of Saskatchewan said there were five new COVID-19 cases in the province.

Three of those cases were in the Regina area. The new cases bring the total number of active cases in the area to 30.

Items for donation in Regina

Items for donation in Regina. (CTV Regina)

Berenyi said Carmichael needs to be responsible during the pandemic since many of its guests don't have a permanent residence.

She said contracting COVID-19 would be a much different situation for many of its guests.

"Since March has hit, all you hear is stay home, but not everybody has that option," Berenyi said.

Even though Carmichael has closed its doors for now, other non-profits are accepting physical donations.

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore has been accepting donations since May.

Amanda Partridge, the ReStore manager, said all products are cleaned thoroughly.

"Everything we take here, we wash with soap and water and then a disinfectant," she said. "We're currently not taking any soft cloth furniture because that is a little harder to disinfect."

After the sanitation process is complete, the items can be purchased at the ReStore or on its website.

Partridge said it was important to get back to accepting donations because it helps people who rely on the organization.

"All the money that ReStore makes by selling items, through your donations, goes to providing affordable homeownership for families in and around Regina," Partridge said. "We give them a hand up to help break the cycle of poverty."