REGINA -- A 15-year-old girl told court on Thursday she saw Erica Hill’s neck bleeding the night she died.

The witness said she did not see what caused the injury.

“Her neck was gushing blood,” the witness said.

Hill died in October 2018 at a house party, and a second-degree murder trial is now before the court.

A boy has been charged with the offence over Hill’s death. He and several other witnesses can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The witness said she remembered seeing the accused holding an open pocket-knife when she first arrived to the party.

The witness said later she saw the accused throwing punches towards Hill and remembered seeing Hill hurt following the fight.

“She was standing there, and then she fell to the ground, and then I heard everyone screaming around and I went to look and she was laying on the ground holding her neck crying,” the witness said.

The witness recalled sitting down beside Hill and yelling for someone to call an ambulance.

A video of Hill on the ground after the incident was shown to court where a lot of frantic screaming could be heard. The witness identified herself sitting near Hill in the video.

During cross examination, the witness said she saw an air soft pistol laying around at the party that looked like a real gun. She also remembered seeing boys at the party showing off their knives to each other.

The witness said she went to another party after the incident where she said the accused was fighting after getting jumped by several people.

She said at the second party she did not see any blood on the accused, but never specifically looked for blood on him.

Cst. Kevin Harris with Regina police then testified he was looking for a missing person the night of the party.

Harris said he came across a group of teenagers with the missing person they were looking for.

Harris said the boys in the group ran away, but two girls stayed. Harris said two folding knives were eventually found in a backpack one of the girls was wearing.

Harris identified two knives in court as the weapons he found in the backpack.

During cross examination, Harris was not able to identify any of the boys from the group of teenagers. Harris said the one girl he spoke to was nervous about police looking through the backpack.

One of the girls from the group of teenagers, who is now 15-years-old, testified on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement to police the witness said the accused pulled out a knife during the fight that night.

“He was just swinging it,” the witness said.

The witness was then shown a knife which she said she saw the accused when the fight was happening.

The witness said after Hill was hurt, the accused then met with her in an alley and put his jacket and the knife in the backpack.

The witness said the accused was wearing a blue vest at the party, which was later found in the backpack.

During cross examination the witness said multiple people pulled knives out during the fight that night. She said she wasn’t sure about the colour of the knife she saw at the party.

The witness said later in the night the accused wanted to put his jacket in the backpack because it had been ruined during the fight.

The witness said she wasn’t paying attention to who all put what in the backpack.

The other girl from the group stopped by police, now 14-years-old, testified on Thursday as well.

The witness said two knives were found in the backpack, but she never knew of any knives in the bag until they were found.

Court was shown a Facebook messenger conversation where the witness told the accused the police found the knives and the witness made up a lie and never snitched on him. The accused responded by saying thank you.