One week after being sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud, Alena Pastuch is appealing her conviction and sentence.

Pastuch, who represented herself during the trail, claims a miscarriage of justice and error in fact and law.

She lists 30 grounds for her appeal, including that the crown improperly expressed opinions and misstated evidence used to convict during the case.

Pastuch also claims that Justice Elson, “intervened excessively in the proceedings to the point where a reasonable person observing the trial would think that the accused did not have a fair trial”.

The 54-year-old Regina woman was sentenced to seven years and three month, less three months for time served in remand. She was also ordered to pay $5.5 million dollars in restitution after being convicted of fraud over $5,000.

Pastuch plans to arrange for legal representation for her appeal.

A date for the appeal has not been set.