REGINA -- George Wooldridge, a mayoral candidate in the upcoming Regina Municipal Election, detailed his campaign platform at an event on Wednesday.

Wooldridge said if elected, he intends to cut the mayor’s salary by 30 per cent, to help the city get through economic difficulties caused by COVID-19.

“We’re in an extraordinary time in history, globally and locally. We do have the pandemic which is occurring. If people are going to be making sacrifices, let’s start at the time,” Wooldridge said.

“I’m here because I love this city and I think we need somebody who’s realistic, somebody who’s going to give it their all and obviously somebody who’s prepared to take the first sacrifice. For me, that’s my commitment to reduce my pay by 30 per cent.”

He also said he wants to “eliminate other bureaucratic trapping of the Mayor’s office,” by working anywhere with a laptop and phone so he can “go to the people instead of hunkering down in some office.”

Wooldridge also noted opening up City Hall for commercial development and enacting a civic recall legislation, as key points of his platform.