A group of young cadets in Yorkton are hoping to send some holiday cheer to Canadian soldiers spending Christmas overseas.

The Yorkton Navy League Cadets have been filling out Christmas cards to send to any soldier who won’t make it home this year.

“They don’t get to spend Christmas with their family and we do,” said Jagger Paton, one of the cadets. “I think it would make them cry tears of joy.”

Corey Anderson, midshipman for the Yorkton cadets, said she’s encouraged the public to take part and mail their own cards to members of the armed forces. Anderson said the goal of writing the cards is to show the soldiers that people care about what they’re doing in service to their country.

“(It’s) just so that they understand that we are thinking about them,” she said. “That we understand how hard it is and the sacrifices that they make.”

The first batch of cards was sent from Yorkton in November. The cadets hope the cards will make it to the soldiers before Christmas day.

“They spend their Christmas (away) for us,” said cadet Michaela Corkum. “They don’t get to see their loved ones and they’re out fighting. It’s just so sad.”

The cadets are drawing pictures of Santa’s sleigh, Christmas trees and snowflakes, so the soldiers can get a piece of Christmas away from home.

“We’re hoping that it makes them feel good, that it gives them a little slice of home that they can’t get otherwise no matter where they are,” said Anderson.

The deadline to ensure the Christmas mail makes it in time for the holidays has already passed, but Anderson says the mail can still be sent until the end of December.

Based on a report by CTV Yorkton's Stefanie Davis