YORKTON -- The owner of the Pumphouse Athletic Club in Yorkton says her business has taken a hit after an outbreak of COVID-19 was reported in the facility.

Alicia Simoneau, the owner of the gym, said on Monday that many people began to question the safety of the space.

"It affects the public view, the stigma of a gym, and a lot of people, especially non-gymgoers don't understand that this is a very controlled environment and our sanitization practises are above the re-open Saskatchewan guidelines," Simoneau said.

On Sept. 27, the gym was forced to close when Saskatchewan public health called to say a person who visited the gym had tested positive a few days later.

Simoneau said it took public health officials three days to step foot in the building after ordering the closure.

"They found that all the procedures were in place and that they were to standard, and in some cases above standard," she said.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority had issued an exposure alert for the gym, and said that other outbreaks in Yorkton were linked to the facility.

Despite questions of cleanliness, many people who attend the gym say they aren’t worried.

“It’s super clean and they're doing what they can. I mean it’s kind of scary out there, but as far as the gym, no I’m not concerned at all,” said Chelsea Schatz, a member of the club.

Gymgoer Emma Just said she feels safe returning to the club.

“This gym has always been really sanitary so I’m not worried,” she said.

Simoneau continues to work with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and said she's thankful the gym is back open.

“It falls on everybody in Yorkton to self monitor, and if you feel even one symptom of COVID-19 or you're feeling run down or not like yourself. If this is the case, don’t visit the gym and potentially put the business and other members at risk,” Simoneau said.