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Yorkton's Close Cuts 4 Cancer holds 26th annual head shave

Compared to years prior, Brayden Ottenbreit’s Close Cuts 4 Cancer had a quiet year in 2023.

Six individuals participated in the annual head shave, but it was a strong showing for those who turned out.

Over $15,000 was raised for local cancer initiatives during the event, with other individuals participating remotely.

“We always get the kudos for this event and it truly is not about us. We put it together, but it's the community,” said co-founder Leone Ottenbreit.

“If the community wasn't here, supporting what we're doing, whether it be the head shaves itself, the car raffle that we're doing throughout the summer, or the barbecues or pancake breakfasts, it's really the community that builds and grows this event and we're just so thankful to all of the businesses that get involved, the donors, the volunteers, the participants. It's truly about everybody else.”

For the Ottenbreit family, the 2023 version of the head shave had a special meaning, for a new reason.

Leone said Greg’s brother, Grant, was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Greg is currently well into remission from his own battle with cancer, according to Leone.

She said the advancements she has seen since young Brayden’s battle, to Greg’s battle, to now Grant’s is truly remarkable.

“[Grant is] getting a treatment called immunotherapy, which is very different from what Greg and Brayden went through,” Leone said.

“The side effects are way less. It's still not a pleasant experience. But that just shows us why doing what we do is so important, because that's from cancer research — that wasn't even available seven years ago. It was starting to be talked about when Greg was diagnosed, but now it is a mainstream treatment. It's just very encouraging to see that.”

The Ottenbreit’s are also running a raffle for a one-of-a-kind car build, along with its regular initiatives such as community barbeques and pancake breakfasts throughout the summer, with all proceeds heading to the family’s multiple cancer initiatives. Top Stories

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