YORKTON -- A thrift store in Yorkton is hoping the generosity of others will help it survive the impacts of COVID-19.

Serendipity Thrift Store is supported by donations from the community, but while it may look like a typical thrift store when you walk through the doors, the building offers so much more.

“We are here to help the community, like if someone has a fire or whatever they can come in no questions asked and we'll help them out as much as we can with what we have here," Sandra Cheverie, the manager of Serendipity Thrift Store, said.

While the store functions like a normal thrift shop, staff say if someone is fleeing an abusive relationship or are seeking help for any financial issues they can access items in the store.

"We need to be there for people, we need to be there for each other and that’s what this is about,” said Warren Cheverie, a volunteer with the store.

While the Cheverie’s want to continue to help those in the community, COVID-19 has left their business at risk.

"The lack of customers coming in like, you know, I have to try to make a certain amount for our bills to be paid and it’s not getting there some days," Sandra commented.

She believes people may assume shopping second-hand could pose a potential health risk, but as per the Provincial Government’s instructions, all donations are kept in their donated packaging for at least 24 hours before being put on the floor.

“I have been very cautious with the COVID doing cleaning as much as I can and wearing masks and sanitation's always here so it’s not like people have to be afraid to come in,” Sandra explained.

The store has been open for two years with many residents donating their items, but staff say they will need more help to keep their doors open.

“We need financial support as well, right, and we are looking at several other things the Government has extended their grant program to accommodate non-profits and charitable organizations and we're looking at that,” Warren said.

Sandra added they “just want to help everyday that we can… [but] without customers it’s not going to happen.”