A Yorkton woman is facing social media backlash after she returned a found wallet to the Dollar Tree, but was accused of stealing money from it.

Jennifer Ricker said she was on the way to the store when she found a lost wallet, and returned it to the clerk at the store.

A photo was then posted to a local Facebook group that serves as a forum for public opinion, showing a frame of surveillance video with Ricker in the store. The post congratulated Ricker for returning the wallet but also insinuated she stole money from it.

Several comments were made on the original posts admonishing Ricker as a thief. She denies the accusations and questions why Dollar Tree released the frame of surveillance video.

“I've talked to the dollar tree manager that same day July 18 that evening I called her not once did she apologize, not once did she admit that she was in the wrong for releasing this video to a customer,” said Ricker.

She reached out to the President of Dollar Tree Canada and said he told her it is company policy to not release surveillance footage.

Dollar Tree said it is looking into how the footage was made public.