For seven days, nine-year-old Gracie Schneck could hear wonderfully, but the free trial period for the $6,400 hearing aid only lasted a week.

Gracie has difficulty hearing, and this expensive device is the only one that really works for her. But Gracie’s mother Stephanie Schneck can’t afford to pay the high price, and the hearing aid is not covered by the province’s Hearing Aid Plan.

“You as a mom knowing you can’t pull out your bank card and pay $6,400, and your child staring at you with her big beautiful eyes like, ‘Oh my god, I got to hear for seven days, let’s keep going.’ I’m sorry, I can’t,” said Stephanie.

Now, looking for government help, Gracie and her mother appealed to the Saskatchewan Legislature to see if the device could be covered under the provincial plan.

“Unfortunately, the supports aren’t there, and that’s little solace for families right now that are suffering to make ends meet and (are) expected to foot the full cost of the bill,” said Vicki Mowat, the NDP MLA that made the appeal on Gracie’s behalf.

Health Minister Jim Reiter was touched when he heard the young girl’s story.

“I feel for her. That would be very difficult, and we’re going to get her some answers as soon as we possibly can,” he said.

The family is currently raising money for the hearing aid through a GoFundMe, but would like to see government funding come through so other families won’t face a similar situation.