MILESTONE -- Zeke Stephenson may be Saskatchewan’s youngest entrepreneur at just 11 years old. He started a vegetable garden three years ago at his grandmother’s farm and began selling the produce.

“I like the work and it’s a lot like farming,” said Zeke. “I tried it out and I liked it, so I did it the next year and now this year again.”

After watching their brother make some money for two years, Eli, 9, and Edison, 6, hopped on board the now growing family business fittingly named Zeke’s Beets.

“It’s a lot of fun to work in the garden,” said Eli.

The Stephenson brothers enjoyed helping their grandmother with her garden, so it was of no surprise to their mother when Zeke wanted to start his own

“They like to be outside and they like to be out and about, hands on,” said Meghan. “We weren't too surprised with the idea but each year it just keeps getting bigger.”

Meghan runs the company Facebook account where they advertise the sale of their vegetables. The boys even have their own business cards.

Zeke, Eli and Edison say the garden has taught them the importance of hard work and how to handle money properly.

Potatoes are the most popular commodity but they also sell carrots, squash, onions and beets.

“I always want to keep planting the same stuff,” said Zeke. “Not everything is ready, but soon everything will be ready.”

“The community has really taken a liking to getting their vegetables, making sure they support them,” said Meghan. “[It’s surprising] how much money they’ve managed to save – one’s a saver and the other is a spender. It’s always interesting to see the competition between the boys.”

Zeke says he was able to save up enough money through the business to buy his own ski-doo last winter. Zeke’s Beets also has donated produce and money to local organizations.