Delegations were many on Wednesday as Regina’s Executive Committee addressed possible recommendations for body rub establishments.

“In general the public has made it clear what they desire and I understand that there's other groups involved but there is, in my opinion, zero consideration for anything the public said,” Devon Hill with Freedom Catalyst Regina said.

Freedom Catalyst Regina advocates for victims of human trafficking, which Hill believes is a large part of the body rub trade. He said the administrations recommendations ignored those who were firmly against regulating the establishments.

Many delegations were heard from, but none were representatives or employees of the body rub industry.

“I would say that everyone is looking to protect the vulnerable worker in these establishments. I think the unifying concern is how do we deal with that,” Mayor Michael Fougere said.

Fougere said he didn't expect to see industry at committee, and said that's why the consultation was carried out in private, to make sure the voices of those workers were heard.

“They were represented with a frontline service provider to ensure they were safe and I can certainly understand why they'd want to feel that way so they remain anonymous,” he said.

The regulations are expected to go before council at the end of June.

With files from CTV Regina's Cole Davenport.