REGINA -- Around one-third of Saskatchewan's more than 75,000 vaccine doses that have been distributed are second doses.

As of Feb. 27, the province said 75,501 total doses have been administered, including 50,910 first doses and 24,591 second doses.

The Government of Saskatchewan announced 5,211 total doses were distributed on Friday, setting a single-day record for vaccine delivery.

By individual zone, Saskatoon leads the province with 14,920 total doses administered. There have been 8,155 first doses and 6,765 second doses given.

Regina follows in a close second with 12,833 doses given, made up of 7,077 first doses and 5,756 second doses.


Second dose distribution is increasing in some parts of central and southern Saskatchewan. The Central East zone led the province in single-day vaccinations on Friday, adding 1,202 doses.

However, mass distribution of second doses has not yet picked up pace in the South West, South Central and Central West zones, with zero, one and 24 second doses distributed in each zone respectively.

Between the three South zones, 753 of the 10,122 vaccines administered are second doses.

Of the 9,860 doses distributed in the two Central zones, 1,351 second doses have been distributed.

In the far north zones, 2,557 second doses have been distributed, which accounts for around 35 per cent of the total 7,136 doses. Similarly in the North zones, 7,409, or 36 per cent, of the 20,177 total vaccinations are second doses.

A full breakdown of first and second dose distribution can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan website.