REGINA -- The Saskatchewan legislature will look fairly similar this upcoming sitting since both major parties will be coming in with the same amount of seats that they left with.

The Saskatchewan Party will be heading into the legislature with 48 seats while the NDP has clinched 13.

The final results come after Elections Saskatchewan tabulated the remaining ballots on Sunday. Many races were extremely tight.

Of the close races, the Sask Party won Saskatoon Riversdale, Regina Pasqua, Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood, Prince Albert Northcote, Regina Coronation Park, Regina Northeast and Regina Walsh Acres.

The NDP won Saskatoon Eastview, Regina University, Saskatoon Meewasin and Saskatoon University.

There were 445,011 votes this election, making up 53 per cent of eligible voters in the province. There were 56,547 mail-in ballots counted with 61,255 issued.

Here are the final results of the close races.


Saskatchewan Party: Alana Ross – Elected (48.8 per cent, 2,652 votes)

New Democratic Party: Nicole Rancourt – (44.2 per cent, 2,457 votes)

The NDP was the incumbent in this constituency, making it a gain for the Sask. Party.


Saskatchewan Party: Mark Docherty – Elected (47.8 per cent, 2,913 votes)

New Democratic Party: Noor Burki – (45.5 per cent, 2,630 votes)

Mark Docherty was the Sask. Party incumbent in Regina Coronation Park


Saskatchewan Party: Muhammad Fiaz – Elected (47.2 per cent, 4,791 votes)

New Democratic Party: Bhajan Brar – (44.7 per cent, 4,535 votes)

Fiaz was the incumbent in Regina Pasqua.


Saskatchewan Party: Gary Grewal - Elected (49.6 per cent, 3,709 votes)

New Democratic Party: Yens Pedersen - (43.6 per cent, 3,259 votes)

This is a gain for the Sask. Party. Pedersen had been the incumbent in Regina Northeast.


Saskatchewan Party: Tina Beaudry-Mellor – (45.1 per cent, 3,136 votes)

New Democratic Party: Aleana Young – Elected (50 per cent, 3,478 votes)

This is a gain for the NDP. Beaudry-Mellor was the incumbent MLA in Regina University.


Saskatchewan Party: Derek Meyers – Elected (46.6 per cent, 3,148 votes)

New Democratic Party: Kelly Hardy – (37.6 per cent, 2,542 votes)

Independent: Sandra Morin – (11.8 per cent, 797 votes)

The Sask. Party was the incumbent in Regina Walsh Acres.


Saskatchewan Party: Lisa Lambert – Elected (49.6 per cent, 3,839 votes)

New Democratic Party: Dave McGrane – (46.2 per cent, 3,580 votes)

The Sask. Party was incumbent in this constituency.


New Democratic Party: Matt Love – Elected (50.8 per cent, 4,063 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Chris Guerette – (46.3 per cent, 3,704 votes)

This is a gain for the NDP. The Sask Party had been the incumbent.


Saskatchewan Party: Rylund Hunter – (46.2 per cent, 3,333 votes)

New Democratic Party: Ryan Meili – Elected (51.2 per cent, 3,700 votes)

The NDP was the incumbent in this constituency.


Saskatchewan Party: Marv Friesen – Elected (49.2 per cent, 2,984 votes)

New Democratic Party: Ashlee Hicks - (47.8 per cent, 2,903 votes)

This is a gain for the Sask Party. The NDP was the incumbent in this constituency.


New Democratic Party: Jennifer Bowes – Elected (53 per cent, 3,225 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Eric Olauson – (44.8 per cent, 2,730 votes)

This is a gain for the NDP. Olauson was the incumbent in Saskatoon University.

Here are the results for all 61 constituencies.