While the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is acknowledging the apology by the provincial government on Monday, they are also calling for a moratorium on provincial adoptions involving First Nations children.

“The apology is welcome, however, there must be action along with these word,” FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron said in a press release.

“That means immediate and serious change as this is First Nations jurisdiction.”

Cameron added that children are being taken away from their families, communities and culture and the apology is empty without action.

“The apology is a good start but this government must end the apprehension of our children and immediately cease adoptions of First Nations Children into non-First Nations homes,” said FSIN Vice Chief David Pratt in the release.

The FSIN said this is a Treaty-based position and inherent right to care for First Nations children and have First Nations control over First Nations children.

The FSIN represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan.