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'Get home safely': City of Regina implementing new road safety framework

A new framework is currently being developed to make Regina roads a safer place for all.

The concept titled “Vision Zero” is a City of Regina initiative, involving a number organizations such as the Regina Police Service (RPS), SGI and CAA Saskatchewan.

The focus of the project is to minimize crashes resulting in either serious injuries or fatalities.

“The ultimate goal is we want everyone that’s participating in our road network system, at the end of the day they can do their business, live their life and get home safely to their families,” said Carolyn Kalim, the manager of Traffic Engineering for the City of Regina.

Vision Zero is a concept first used in Sweden and then adopted in other cities around the world, including in Canada.

It is designed to create a safer system through land-use planning, road design, speed limits and educated drivers.

Analysis of the collision data in Regina between 2015 and 2019 was used to develop the framework.

Over that five year period there were 26,254 collisions. A total of 3,918 of those collisions resulted in injuries, as well as 19 fatalities.

Vulnerable road users, aggressive driving, impaired driving, distracted driving and intersections were five common factors of collisions.

By focusing on the five most common factors – Vision Zero estimates serious collision numbers will drop.

“We are really looking at this first five years of doing a 10 per cent reduction in the fatal and serious injuries collisions with the ultimate goal of getting zero long-term,” Kalim said.

Vision Zero is currently in the action plan and counter measure stage.

The framework will be finalized during the winter, and brought before Regina city council in spring of 2024. Top Stories

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