REGINA -- After papers were spread across Victoria Avenue Wednesday morning, forcing city work crews to close parts of the road for cleanup, the man responsible for the mess has apologized.

The former owner of Carpet Gallery in Moose Jaw, George Hadi, called CTV News Regina to clear up what happened. Hadi said he was moving the papers to Regina, when the shrink wrap holding the papers must have ripped and spilled onto the road. Hadi could not see the spill happening as he was driving and only noticed when he got to his destination. He then called the city to apologize and inform them about the spill.

Since CTV News Regina reported the incident, Hadi says he’s seen a lot of people worried about personal information being shown in the papers. Hadi says the papers included orders and Carpet Gallery's bank statements. He says no one's personal banking information was on the papers, but on some of the pages CTV News has obtained, there are addresses and chequing information.

Hadi adds he has outstanding deposits from closing Carpet Gallery in Moose Jaw. He says business was struggling and he had to close quickly. Carpet Gallery has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. He is now working to fulfill the outstanding orders through a friend's business in Regina.